Stress Management during the Holidays

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It is no wonder that the Holiday’s are one of the most stressful times of the year. 

It is important to take time and slow down during this time of year so that you don’t experience burn out. There is no sense in rushing to failure and starting out the New Year exhausted. We are going to give you our top stress management tips to help you get through the Holidays. 

 1. Slow DoBlackhound Creative Werkswn 

The Holiday’s are supposed to be a time when people slow down and enjoy one another. Instead, it has become a fast-paced race against the proverbial “Holiday Shopping Clock.”

Slow down and remember that a lot of the stress and hype of the Holiday’s is made up, by marketing companies (not us) that want you to buy buy buy. This is not what ANY of these Holiday’s are about. 

Take some time to yourself. Read a book, catch up on a favorite show. Or pamper yourself with a nice relaxing bubble bath. Check out our Instagram giveaway for some awesome relaxation aids. 

2. Remember what IS important 

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You know that perfect gift you are killing yourself trying to find? Yeah, that thing is going to be so last year like ten minutes after the initial thrill of opening it. What if we worried less about giving the best gifts and worried more about spending QUALITY time with the people we love? This would make for way less stress during this time of year. What if we give the gift of our undivided attention? Make Holiday Treats, Listen to Holiday music, or Read a Holiday Story to our kids. Take time to remember what is important, your time and who you decide to give it to. 


3. Give Back Blackhound Creative Werks

One of the most humbling ways to realize that your problems are not that big of a deal is to help someone whose problems really are a big deal. So this Holiday season instead of stressing yourself out with arbitrary things, take the time to give back to something that you are passionate about. 

Columbia has many people and animals that are in need, every day of the year. There is always a need for volunteers. So in the spirit of giving this year why not give back?

Below is just one link to one of the many opportunities to serve in the local Columbia area at just one of the Homeless Shelters, Transitions. There are so many volunteer opportunities there is something for everyone. Click here to go to their site and see all their volunteer opportunities. 

If animals are more your thing Palmetto LifeLine can always use a helping hand click here to go to their volunteer area. 


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