Spring is Here: Get Ready for Home-Selling Season

Spring is when the weather warms up, the flowers start to bloom, and also when houses start going up for sale left and right. While it’s true Spring is the hottest season to sell a home – it also means it’s the most competitive season – so being fully prepared to have your house listed is extremely important. 

The first steps to take after finding a good real estate agent is to do basic maintenance. Make sure to complete any repairs to plumbing or appliances that you’ve been putting off. It’s one less thing buyers will have to deal with (and they don’t want to deal with).

Next, try to landscape to create an eye-catching curb appeal. Spring is such a great time for beautiful exterior home photos because all the blooms and greenery. Cut back any overgrown bushes and pull any weeds.

To make the master closet look even bigger, take all your winter clothes and put them in storage. By thinning out your clothes and organizing everything, buyer’s won’t be distracted.

Pay special attention to your kitchen since it is one of the most important rooms in the house to a potential buyer. Updating the countertops or giving the cabinets a fresh coat of paint could really set it apart from the rest.

If you have the time, you should begin to depersonalize your home. Painting any colorful walls neutral and removing family photos make a huge difference. You want buyers to be able to imagine their family in the home – and you don’t want them dreading all the painting they think needs to be done. 

According to Zillow, data shows homes sold from mid-March to mid-April sell around 15 percent faster and for 2 percent more than the average listing. So, if you’re wanting to list your home in primetime you better start preparing now!

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