Favorite Holiday Commercials

With the Holidays quickly approaching (Thanksgiving is next week!) we have been seeing more and more of the holiday-geared commercials on TV. The commercials are always fuel by a powerful sense of emotion – whether it’s happiness, sadness, or love – they pull on our heartstrings in hopes of catching our attention during the holiday season. We scavenged the internet to find some of our 2016 holiday commercial favorites.


This Lexus commercial is sweet, more on the light-hearted side. This ad captures the spirit of the holidays by showing how parents want to enjoy “asking Santa” for gifts just like their kids. 


I love how this commercial has us laughing at the beginning and practically crying by the time it’s over. The commercial is extremely relatable for most and Comcast had me wondering how they were going to execute the whole thing. I’m glad to see the family spending time together for the holidays versus sitting around on their phones – one potential downside to having all those gadgets and WiFi. A commerical well done!


This is technically from 2015 but AT&T really got me with this one. We all have family members that just can’t seem to get off their phones and be a part of the family and it’s so nice to see AT&T acknowledge this common problem – they even decided to pull all ads except this one on Dec. 24th and 25th. This (almost) altruistic commercial will really score the mobile company major points for showing us what’s truly important during the holidays.


John Lewis is a British retailer that did a bloody marvelous job with this commercial. The visuals were not only stunning, but it gave me so many questions and confusion it kept my fullest attention. We’re big dog lovers here at Blackhound and this ad gave us the happiest of feels. 


Finally, an ad from Starbucks, the company that sparked major controversy last year for their holiday campaign pulling all holiday-related visual from their cups. While angering many people, others say it as a simplistic approach to seasonal items. This year they’ve brought back holiday decorated cups uniquely decorated by individual customers. It’s definitely a cool concept with a fun little advertisement to show them off. 


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