Branding your Business for the New Year

 Branding your Business for the New Year

The new year 2018 is fast approaching and is sure to be filled with a myriad of New Years Resolutions of getting fit and healthy.

After all the eating, drinking and merriment most people want to buckle down and really focus on their goals.While achieving your health goals is important, accomplishing your business goals is also desirable with this fresh start attitude. With only 21 days left in the year its time to start thinking about branding for your business in the new year. 

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Right now you are busier than ever with Holiday Parties, shopping, and making travel arrangements.

Branding your business is probably not a top priority right now. But unlike reaching your weight loss goals, branding takes a little bit more preparation. It is important to take a look at your business goals for the new year and focus on where you want to be. 

Why is Branding your Business even important for the New Year?

The New year lends the opportunity for a fresh start. Take this time to give some much needed love and attention to your business. It is the perfect opportunity to reveal a new logo or website. People are ready and receptive to change in the New Year so this is the time to launch a new product or campaign.

Customers are searching for answers in the new year!

They want to have the best year and will need the best products to achieve it. So that’s where your business comes in to serve their needs. Your products or services do not have to change but repacking them in a fresh new way is the jumpstart your business needs for the New Year.We have compiled a checklist to help you get ready for branding your business for the new year. 

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1. Know your Audience

This seems self-explanatory but it is actually something businesses struggle with regularly. There is this disconnect between who your desired audience is and who your real audience is. When you know your audience you can identify what their needs are.

“If you want to create messages that resonate with your audience, you need to know what they care about.”

-Nate Elliott Marketing Technical Advisor

When you know their needs you will know how you can serve them. Be exact and as detailed as possible when you are honing in on your audience. What kind of car do they drive? How old are they? What do they do? What are they searching for late at night on google? 

If you would like a professional branding session with us to help you identify your brand please go here to schedule a meeting. 

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2. Be your own mirror

As a Business owner, it can be hard to identify your own shortcomings and flaws. Perhaps you are the type of person that takes on too much and has a hard time delegating? Or if you have poor time management skills. Whatever the case may be for the new year it is important to take a long hard look in the mirror at these things because they are holding your business back. Once you identify your flaws you can brand your business plan around them to ensure your success in the new year. 


3. Know your Why? 

Knowing why you wake up in the morning is important. Having a sense of purpose is something that all humans crave. Meaning is what makes our efforts valuable. Knowing your business why will make or break your success. If your why doesn’t make you cry you will never be successful

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. What you do simply proves what you believe”

-Simon  Sinek 

The reason it is so vital to know your why with your business is because your why will dictate how much pain you are willing to go through in order to be successful. Houses don’t always sell right away. Clients aren’t always happy. And sometimes you have to put your employees needs ahead of your own. Knowing why you are willing to go through the hard times will ensure your success in the business booming times. Your why will also dictate your brand. 

For example: Alan is passionate about helping underprivileged children because he himself grew up poor. So he decides to open a tutoring business where he has youth outreach programs. In the beginning, its going to be difficult to get his business to turn a profit. However, he is going to see an immediate return when the kids he helps are achieving higher grades. This is going to push him to move forward with his business even when times are tough. His brand is going to be a reflection of his passion for community and voluntarism. 

4. Evaluate your current Brand

How old are your marketing materials? Do they reflect your brand’s message? How old is your website? Or even worse how old are your lifestyle photographs and headshots? All of these things need to be updated in the new year. It is okay for your brand to change because that shows growth both personal and professional. You were in a completely different place when you open your doors two years ago. You have made mistakes, learned better ways of doing things, and who your audience really is. So make sure that your brand reflects this growth. 

If you would like to schedule a meeting with us to help you evaluate your brand and create new marketing materials you can do so by jumping on our schedule here


5. Set your goal for the New Year

Where do you want your business to be? Once you have a goal in mind you can build off of that for your branding. A goal is the clearest picture of what your brand needs to reflect. If you want to achieve a goal of selling every house you list in less than a week than your brand news to reflect to your buyers that you invest all the resources possible into listing homes so they sell quickly and for quality offers. 




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