5 Things to Look for from Blackhound in 2018

I can’t wait for 2018!

I think it’s going to be our best year yet and I can’t wait to share all of the ideas and plans we have in mind with you guys.  When I started Blackhound in 2015, I had no idea where it was going to take me and I could have never imagined that I would meet so many great people in the process.  2017 was so exciting and it’s going to be hard to beat the growth we saw.  However, I look forward to 2018 not only bringing growth, but also a better way of doing business for us, our existing customers, and those we’ve yet to meet. 

In 2017 we added Tiffany, Anna, and Christine to the team.  Something I love about these girls is that they all have an entrepreneurial spirit.  There is something about that spirit that makes them so good at what they do.  They strive to do things that really work for our clients.  They don’t believe in doing things halfway and they work really hard.  One of the big benefits of having a team with this mindset is that they are always busting at the seams with new ideas.  They can come up with more ideas than I can implement at a time.  That means you’ll see exciting changes and additions coming to Blackhound in 2018.  You’ll also get some insight into the other endeavors that they take on in addition to working so hard for our customers at Blackhound.  

2017 also brought a lot of growth for me personally.  Andy and I had our first child and showed us a whole new view of the world.  Every day is something new and it’s so exciting to see her learning new things that as adults we take for granted.  She is a breath of fresh air to our household and helps us realize that no matter how crazy the day can be..her smile makes it all better. 


So..moving on from 2017, we have exciting things coming in 2018.  

I won’t go into details, but I will give a few sneak peeks.  


We’ll be launching a brand new from scratch website in the first quarter of 2018.  Our current site was built at the very beginning of Blackhound’s birth and as our company has grown, our needs from our website have grown as well. Some of your favorite pages (like our online booking page) will still be there, but we’ll also have a lot of fun new features to help you understand what we do a little better. 

2. New Services

Many of you have thrown out things to us over the past year of that you wish we offered.  We’ve heard you.  We’re working on it.  I won’t go into too much detail, but I will say that there might be something involving staging coming soon.  So sit tight and keep your eyes peeled. 

3. Loyal Customer Incentives

One major goal we have for 2018 is increasing our customer satisfaction.  We aren’t blind to the fact that we’ve had some growing pains and we want to remedy that.  So we’ll be coming out with some incentives and opportunities for those customers that have stuck with us and continued to recommend us to your colleagues.  

4. Better Engagement

We recognize that communication is the key to everything.  So we’ve been working on our systems and our culture to provide better feedback and engagement on your projects and requests. Look to get a lot more emails from us, but I promise they will have value.  These are emails you’ll want to read!

5. Continued Efforts

While we have been working hard to bring these new things to you and make your experience better, we will still be working hard to do even better.  So you may still experience even newer changes as the year goes.  All of this work and these changes are with one thing in mind, to achieve our mission of making your life easier in branding your business or product.  


I can’t begin to put into words everything I am thankful for this year.  I work with an amazing team of women, I have a supportive husband that does anything I ask to help support my Blackhound dream, a beautiful baby girl and adorable dog that give me endless love and smiles, and an unimaginable amount of amazing customers that continue to put their faith and trust in our team. 

Thank you to all of you for every part you play in my life.


Thank you,

Kristen Brumbaugh




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